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From Da Burgh to Dubai!

Folks, I’ve been very busy and don’t always have time to update my blog. I’m also headed to Dubai for a conference on Women as Global Leaders, so please don’t be astonished when I return even more determined and pointed in my criticism than before. Here’s an update before I

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We Lost the Battle, We’ll Win the War

Yesterday, we had a very interesting City Planning Commission Hearing, at the end of which the Commission voted to approve the Pittsburgh Penguins’ plan for the new arena in the front yard of our Historic Hill District neighborhood. Just before the hearing began, at about 1:30pm, Mayor Ravenstahl, Councilwoman Tonya

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Speak Out Today! Wear Red!

We need you today and wearing something red. Red means “We Won’t REpeat the Defeat!” Meaning, the defeat of 50 years ago where broken promises were never kept and repeated displacement, lack of investment and benign neglect has been the order of the day in the Historic Hill District of

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We Won’t Repeat the Defeat!: Speaking Truth To and About Power

Greetings folks, Three important announcements where we request your attendance/participation: 1. One Hill CBA Coalition meeting Monday, January 07, 2008, Hill House Kaufmann Auditorium, 1835 Centre Ave, 6:00pm 2. City Planning Commission Hearing, January 14, 2008, 200 Ross Street, Downtown Pittsburgh, 2:00pm – Come prepared to support and to speak

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