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Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail!

A Spoken Word, Musical Comedy (Unfortunately)

Based on a True Story

Written and Directed by Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D.

Starring: Taylor Akins, Sonya Carter, Ashley Coney, Kimberly C. Ellis, Crystal Glover, Rachel Harr, Melisha Hutchins, Richard Hutchins, Kendal Lee, Zyare Martin, Kevin O’Connor, Jennifer Schaupp, Ezra Smith, Thomas Smith, Phyllis Wellons, Shawne Wellons, Lake Whitehead and Portia Witten!


When Dr. Goddess gets arrested for lying down in front of a bulldozer on a development site in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, all heaven and hell break loose!

An Inter-generational celebration of the Civil Rights

and Black Power Movements in the United States!

View the Trailer on YouTube!

One of the “Top 20 Best Shows” in the City for 2007 (out of 125) – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Affectionately known as “Dr. Goddess,” Kimberly C. Ellis is a scholar of American Studies with a specialization in African American Literature and History.

Professional Reviews of the Show

“a smorgasbord in satiric defense of a community with a healthy sense of humor and lots of pride . . . In the play, Dr. Goddess is an incarnation of the Hill — imposing, angry, funny and smart . . . Some [skits] have the bite of George Wolfe’s famous satire, “Colored Museum.” I loved the “Evita” and “Dreamgirls” parodies.”

“Ellis’ Hill — storied, abused, indomitable, scruffy, hopeful, a bundle of dichotomies and much loved by many who call it home — has a central place to play in Pittsburgh’s sense of itself, because of its location and cultural legacy but also because, in a city of neighborhoods, this one tests the city’s sense of fairness and history.”

— Chris Rawson, Theater Critic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

View the Trailer on YouTube!


A full ensemble production, Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail premiered at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, 4th River Project and was been restaged FOUR times in the City of Pittsburgh, alone, before it moved on to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and onto DVD once the sweeties had to go back to school.
The stars of the show are actually the “four little girls” who carry the entire theme of the production, thus young people will delight in seeing “themselves” on the big screen and having so much fun. Teachers will enjoy watching as well, since the show communicates ideas on multiple levels. In addition to the great MUSIC, POETRY and THEATRE displayed, the various themes include:

  • Thoughts on gambling or “bets” (on a child’s level)
  • Life in suburbia vs. life in the inner city
  • Corporate giveaways and greed
  • Racism (in the funniest manner possible)
  • Apathy vs. activism (featuring the hit song, “Neutrality!”)
  • Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement and on Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Neighborhood revitalization and what’s in a name? (like a Sesame Street skit)
  • Mr. Rogers’ assessment of being a good neighbor (also hilarious)
  • Sports Obsession and Community investment (major favorite!)
  • Scholar – Athletes (major favorite!)
  • Representation on Film, Television and Radio (hilarious skits)
  • Analysis of bad / thug / gangsta Hip Hop (another favorite)
  • Preservation of Historic places (Epiphany Church, the Civic Arena vs. the Casino)
  • Tribute to Civil Rights heroes at Freedom Corner

In addition to the actual show, there is a short documentary on the “Raise Your Hand! No Casino on the Hill Campaign” upon which the “true story” is based, guest appearances from local celebrities in Pittsburgh (including the former Dean of Duquesne University’s Law School and friend to President Barack Obama, Don J. Guter, and The Honorable Judge Oscar J. Petit), as well as the public speeches some of the girls in the show made at a City Planning Meeting, after learning the history of the Historic Hill District.

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