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Dr. Goddess!: A One Woman Show ©2004

Written and Performed by Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D.

Directed by Eileen J. Morris



A coming-of-age, multimedia, variety show about a young woman in urban America whose neuroses in academia meets the social commentary of the comedic stage. The show is filled with 15 characters, dramatic monologues, poetry, music, African, Jazz, and Hip Hop dance and sketch comedy.



Affectionately known as “Dr. Goddess,” Kimberly C. Ellis is a scholar of American Studies with a specialization in African American Literature and History, a Poet, Playwright and Performing Artist.


Testimonials from students, faculty, staff and local audiences who have seen the show:

“Thank You for delivering such a powerful message to our prospective students. You not only helped peak the interest of students with your performance but you also helped peak their interest in CMSU. We enjoyed all the characters and your down to earth personality. A performance that was funny, cleverly formatted, and packed with a true historical perspective of many cultures.” — Latishua L., Warrensburg , MO – Central Missouri State University

Professional Reviews of the Show

“Having just yesterday been to Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre to see Kim’s one-dynamo show, “Dr. Goddess,” sub-titled for the occasion, “a homegirl’s homecoming,” I can testify that she’s an authentic hip-hop poet, impersonator, dancer, actor and certified stage presence.”

— Christopher Rawson, On Stage, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Through the portrayal of a wide swath of characters, from a well-intentioned and relatively progressive Southern belle to a high-minded incarcerated father, from a gospel rendition that calls for the audience to join hands, to a scathing — and beat-boxed — critique of materialistic consumerism and thuggish posturing, Ellis manages to hit upon the hopes, dreams and struggles of black womanhood in resonant and entertaining fashion. It doesn’t hurt that Ellis, whether onstage for Dr. Goddess or not, actually holds a Ph.D.

— Philip A. Stephenson, Stage Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


At one end there is Ellis, in her “King Solomon’s Mind” sketch, portraying an impressionable student captivated by a quite Etheridge, very Eldridge poet espousing revolution and penis supremacy within the same stanza. By the play’s end, Ellis’ everywoman character has blossomed into a vociferous voice taking on domestic violence, Smokey Robinson’s denunciation of the “African American” and America’s obsessive consumer disorders . . . Ellis is among a cadre of women . . . who’ve shown that hip hop, feminism and racial upliftment can co-exist. Dr. Goddess is a promising and fulfilling new recipe for black theater’s future.

— Brentin Mock, Diary of a Baaaaad Black Woman, Pittsburgh’s City Paper

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