A Teenage Discussion of Amber Cole on Twitter Leads to More No Wedding, No Womb Tension

For the record, this article, entitled, “The Miseducation of Amber Cole” by Sinnamon Love (who also happens to be a porn star and a parent—yes, you read that right) is the BEST one I have read, hands down, of all that I have read. Print it out and share it with your family members—please! I wish I had read it first… I was first alerted that a great essay by Jeff Fecke entitled, “No, You Aren’t Amber Cole’s Father” was posted in response to yet another wayward, misogynistic article by Jimi Izrael. Reading that piece led me to another, discussing how angry “Amber Cole’s” father is and the justice he is pursuing. The comments section to THAT article left me so angry and frustrated, that I wrote a response to it and let my Twitter timeline know about it.

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Farewell, Dr. Rudolph P. Byrd

I could go on and on about Dr. Byrd and I have, in countless impressions of him that I have performed for friends and strangers, alike. He was a wonderful, most debonair, well-dressed, dignified, “uppity Negro”and a wonderfully-spirited man, par excellence’. He didn’t walk, he glided; and I am serious about that. He had a deep, charming voice and a wonderful laugh. He nearly crushed the bones in my hand when he gave me his first handshake but he was a gentle lion and quite the caring human being. But he most certainly demanded excellence of us as students and as scholars in the world.

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Justice May Come for Aiyana Jones

Sometimes, justice takes a long time. Hopefully, we are just beginning to get justice for Aiyana Jones, Jerean Blake and communities who continue to be terrorized by violence, police negligence and then mocked by Reality TV. Today, The Huffington Post reports a series of new events surrounding this case. Many of us were completely horrified by the death of Aiyana Jones in Detroit, Michigan; and then we soon realized that there were many layers to how and why she died.

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Toure Debate Leads to Post-Blackness Stalker Accusations

With Toure using a falsely constructed story about an incident in college (at which Dr. Goddess was witness and participant), which he spoke about in a YouTube video promotion to sell new book, “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?”

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Dr. Goddess Finds Love With Swiffer

You know Dr. Goddess loves good Theater, too….So, imagine my delight when the two came together for me at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, California! I was at one end of the Proctor & Gamble booth in the Expo Hall when I heard someone say that “the dirt” from the Swiffer commercials was around the corner. I raced over to find the actor, dressed in his hideously wonderful and creative, “Keyboard Guy” dust costume, posing with happy consumers.

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Harry Allen Heightens Twitter Timelines with Intrigue: “[What] If Eminem Were Black…?”

When Writer and Media Assassin, Harry Allen (@harryallen) asked the question:

“If Eminem were Black, would he be hailed as “one of the greatest? Think about it for a second.”

Our twitter timelines blew up and he received hundreds of responses for six hours straight. It’s amazing commentary on Race in America and the world, thoughts on Hip Hop and the power of building Online Community.

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Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry’s Debut as Host on MSNBC Creates Demand for Show

During the debut of her role as host filling in for Rachel Maddow on vacation, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry caused an uproar by exhibiting excellent, progressive scholarship and critical analysis, which resulted in a demand that she be given her independent show on MSNBC.

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BaracksFlagpin Breaks Down the Debt Ceiling Again

Hear the latest from the Red, White and Blue pin over the Black man’s heart presiding in the White House. Today: More on raising the debt ceiling… @BaracksFlagpin is what President Barack Obama is REALLY saying every time he gives a speech. Created by Dr. Goddess, catch @BaracksFlagpin on Twitter.

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