Help Dr. Goddess Help Ms. Freedom

A request from Dr. Goddess to help her help Ms. Freedom… “She Put a Hammer in My Hand”.

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Ask a Sista at Netroots Nation!

Dr. Goddess is speaking at Netroots Nation on the panel, “Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship”, L100 AB, Minneapolis, MN Convention Center. Watch Live at

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Are You for Fannie Lou? Let’s Put Up Her Statue!

Sign Up to Support the “Are You for Fannie Lou?” Campaign!

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Coming Back to America’s B.S.

I just want to say, when I was in Dubai, I was constantly surrounded by human beings from: Indiathe PhilippinesEgyptEnglandNigeriaPakistanChinaIraqBritainGhanaOmmanAustriaJordanAustraliaSaudi ArabiaAfghanistanSouth Africaand the United States and while there, met people from all of the aforementioned places plus: HollandSpainCroatiaTrinidad and the list can go on. Then, of course, I have to

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Goodbai, Pittsburgh!

So, I’m on my way to Dubai. See ya in a few. I’ll try to blog or something while I’m gone. For the dude who wrote all of those anonymous responses to my post: You’re welcome to post here and I probably won’t censor you; but don’t be comin’ up

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From Da Burgh to Dubai!

Folks, I’ve been very busy and don’t always have time to update my blog. I’m also headed to Dubai for a conference on Women as Global Leaders, so please don’t be astonished when I return even more determined and pointed in my criticism than before. Here’s an update before I

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