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Randi Weingarten Renders Robust and Righteous Hilarity at AFT Convention

I tried to make it clear, what we’ve been through and where we’re going. The people who serve… have been through tough times…they’ve taken on a lot…and there’s been this attack through depoliticization, privatization, etc….and I wanted to be a mirror and reflect it back…it’s both economics and educational opportunity, that people have the healthcare they need….And I wanted to be honest.

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Rev. Dr. William Barber Asserts a Moral Imperative at the @AFTunion Convention

Rev. Dr. William Barber asked, “How can we sing, ‘America, America, God shed his grace on thee’ but then deny grace to immigrants, LGBT, the poor…? This is not a stunt… How can we treat people that way? … We call for fair immigrant policy… Everywhere you look in the scriptures, we lift people up…

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An Open Letter to Mike Judge, On #SiliconValleyHBO

Oh Hey Mike Judge,

As you know, I tweeted my disgust to you about #SiliconValleyHBO’s second episode and my extreme disappointment that the first Black characters you introduced on this show were a Black woman stripper named “Mochachino” and some unnamed, scary Black man who served as her handler and enforcer.

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The 2014 Oscars Were Finally Dignified, Deep and Diverse

Dr. Goddess gives some of the most inspiring moments from a most dignified and diverse 2014 Oscar Awards Ceremony.

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Saving the Gem of the Ocean: A Hearing to Save or Sell the August Wilson Center for African American Culture

Saving the Gem of the Ocean: A Hearing to Save or Sell The August Wilson Center
by Dr. Kimberly C. Ellis aka Dr. Goddess

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Breaking Bad’s (White) Supremacy

But “Breaking Bad” is also a categorically racist and white supremacist fantasy and narrative that would not allow me to grant it the “Best Television Show Ever” status some people wanted me to assign.

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August Wilson for Young Minds

“August Wilson for Young Minds” is an Oral History, Preservation, Lecture and Teacher Training project from Dr. Kimberly C. Ellis, who grew up on Wilson’s plays, taught the first August Wilson seminar at the University of Pittsburgh and is compiling a memoir of her time spent with August Wilson and in the City of Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

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Dr. Goddess Conjures Up a Sermon for the Conscious Types

In the Black community, you are “conscious” if you are “awake” to the social, political and economic reality of being Black in America. The term may have been popularized by the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths but via Hip Hop, public lectures and oral history, ideas of the “conscious” are no longer the realm of one organization or people.

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