The Life of the Mind: “For Colored Girls” Review Part I

Dr. Goddess Reviews Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” upon release of the DVD.

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Competition: Can We Play This Off?

Meet and Greet the Scholar-Athlete

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Sloganeering and Slacktivism: The No Wedding, No Womb Campaign

The multimedia campaign, “No Wedding, No Womb” debuted on my brother’s birthday (Hey Paul!) and while I was in D.C. feeling bad that I had not properly prepared to send my brother a card to make sure it arrived on his actual birthday (My bad, Paul!), a girlfriend asked me

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To Be or Not To Be: Revisiting the Ebonics Controversy

Please understand that we realize that all these he-be’s, sheb-e’s and we-be’s Can cause, for connoisseurs of speech, to get the hee-bee-gee-bees But after all, if you don’t be and they don’t be… who do? So allow us to personify and conjugate the verb, “to be”—for you We’re the Human

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