Black Thought 2.0 Launches at Duke University with S. Craig Watkins

Black Thought 2.0 was curated by Dr. Mark Anthony Neal (@NewBlackMan) via Duke University’s AAAS Program, the John Hope Franklin Center and More! It features @LeftOfBlack, @SCraigWatkins, @ProfBlmkelley, @SandyDarity, @ImaniPerry, @DrGoddess, @Jasiri_X and more!

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On Being Natural and Black: An Open Letter to Wendy Williams

Dear Wendy Williams… You owe Black girls and women and any girl who struggles with not being the (white) standard of beauty an apology. You owe reparations, Wendy, so here’s what I want you to do…

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Black Twitter Creates Reparation Bands for Your Lady Antebellum Listening Pleasure

Simply put, #BlackTwitter doesn’t like the name of the band, “Lady Antebellum.” We’ve complained about it but with the advent of more teachers using slavery in the classroom with ignorant mathematical equations and racist meanderings, not to mention the GOP’s hideous attempts to rewrite history, it was time to fight back.

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Too Short, XXL Magazine and Mama’s Gun

Once upon a time, a 45 year old “dirty rapper” named Too Short was being interviewed by XXL Magazine and asked to give advice to boys on getting a girl (to put it mildly), particularly after their tired attempts at “trying to get kisses” from them.

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A Black Woman’s Life of the Mind is Her Own: The Ebony Article, The Mad Free Event & the Twitter Debate on Melissa Harris-Perry

I wrote the article entitled, “A Black Woman’s Life of the Mind is Her Own” for Ebony.com and received a great deal of feedback. Thankfully, it was published on the same day that Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry engaged in a “Mad Free” curated event at the Brooklyn Museum by Michaela Angela Davis. Further, it was but one day prior to the debut of “Melissa Harris-Perry,” her new show on MSNBC.

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Twitter Celebrates Zora Neale Hurston’s Birthday with Zeal

Anthropologist, Writer, Novelist, Storyteller, Playwright, Dancer, Southerner Extraordinaire, Zora Neale Hurston, was born on January 7, 1891. She was a phenomenal woman, a renaissance woman, a fierce woman, artist and human being. So, naturally, Twitter celebrated her birthday with glee.

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Kicking Dirt on Kwanzaa

It doesn’t matter where we are. At each and every occasion, there are
Christians, Muslims, Jews, and traditionalists. We sing original
Kwanzaa songs (one of which is mine) and pull out principles and
African proverbs out of baskets. We light candles and recite the names in Swahili, yes, but we also talk about how these principles affect us today, and how we might better implement them in our lives here and now–in English.

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Meet Black Pete, Dutch Santa’s Helper

Waaay before Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours or Huckleberry Finn, Santa Claus was working the interracial buddy theme. Generations of American children have been raised with the legend of a cherubic white guy who employs vertically-challenged, non-union labor to produce toys in what is probably an Arctic sweatshop. Europeans, however, have a novel element to their Christmas mythology: a black sidekick.

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