Why Many Northside United’s Points Are Valid

Believe it or not, I do not just sit back and criticize. In private, I have offered many a point of strategy, assistance, philosophizing and the like, mostly to One Hill leadership* and rarely to Pittsburgh UNITED, mostly because they take their cues (erroneously) from One Hill leadership. *And, for

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So, What is the Problem with CBAs, the Neighborhood, One Hill and Pittsburgh United?

Good question and, really, there is just so much. That’s why there’s the need for the series. But in the meantime, the long and short of it is this: 1. The City of Pittsburgh (and many of its neighborhoods, particularly the Black and poor) is at a pivotal point in

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Thank You to Attendees of Critical Analysis Panel

Thank you very much to all of you who attended the “Critical Discussion and Analysis of the Community Benefits Agreement Process, Neighborhood Self-Determination and the One Hill Controversy” at the University of Pittsburgh. Our discussion was riveting and I’m very pleased with the participation, the folks who came from the

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A Critical Analysis Discussion and Debate on the CBA Process, Neighborhood Self-Determination and the “One Hill” Controversy

First,Here is a flyer for the event. Due to the Mayoral Debate, we moved to Wednesday! Please spread the word and post it to your blogs. Second,The problem with the surprise over the yelling and screaming on the Northside is that there is an obvious need for some people to

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A Critical Analysis of the Community Benefits Agreement Movement

Are you confused by what you’re reading in the papers and seeing on television? Do you feel forced to choose between one neighborhood organization over another? Were you surprised by the yelling and screaming during the Northside meeting about the casino design? Are you startled by the jumbled invites, the

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The Hill is En Vogue

Tonight, I went to see “Off the Record VII: Blogged to Death” at the Byham Theater and found it to be rather funny. They parodied the bus transit situation, the smoking ban, Joe Hardy’s marriage/s, Dan and Luke, Art Rooney (Steelers), Don Barden (Majestic Star Casino) and Bob Nutting (Pirates).

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Can’t You Feel A Brand New Day?

Dr. Goddess is blogging! 😉 Everybody look around‘Cause there’s a reason to rejoice you seeEverybody come outAnd let’s commence to singing joyfullyEverybody look upAnd feel the hope that we’ve been waiting for Everybody’s gladBecause our silent fear and dread is goneFreedom, you see, has got our hearts singing so joyfullyJust

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