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A Dr. Goddess Giveaway with Sears and Kenmore!

Folks, I have a ton of brand loyalty to Sears and Kenmore because I grew up with their great appliances and credit the intelligent choices my Mom aka “Ms. Freedom” made for our family. As you may know, I’ll be debuting my next play entitled, “She Put a Hammer in My Hand, a story about women and home improvement,” which is a tribute to her and a tool kit for all of us. Thus, I’m delighted to be flying on over to Chicago for the Kenmore Bloggers Summit and there’s a great opportunity for you to win some great prizes, particularly a Sears Gift Card of $100, $50 and $25. *SQUEAL*

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Dr. Goddess Finds Love With Swiffer

You know Dr. Goddess loves good Theater, too….So, imagine my delight when the two came together for me at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, California! I was at one end of the Proctor & Gamble booth in the Expo Hall when I heard someone say that “the dirt” from the Swiffer commercials was around the corner. I raced over to find the actor, dressed in his hideously wonderful and creative, “Keyboard Guy” dust costume, posing with happy consumers.

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Help Dr. Goddess Help Ms. Freedom

A request from Dr. Goddess to help her help Ms. Freedom… “She Put a Hammer in My Hand”.

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