Randi Weingarten Renders Robust and Righteous Hilarity at AFT Convention

I tried to make it clear, what we’ve been through and where we’re going. The people who serve… have been through tough times…they’ve taken on a lot…and there’s been this attack through depoliticization, privatization, etc….and I wanted to be a mirror and reflect it back…it’s both economics and educational opportunity, that people have the healthcare they need….And I wanted to be honest.

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Rev. Dr. William Barber Asserts a Moral Imperative at the @AFTunion Convention

Rev. Dr. William Barber asked, “How can we sing, ‘America, America, God shed his grace on thee’ but then deny grace to immigrants, LGBT, the poor…? This is not a stunt… How can we treat people that way? … We call for fair immigrant policy… Everywhere you look in the scriptures, we lift people up…

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Make the Intelligent Choice: Product Reviews!

Dr. Goddess found that as she began to make product recommendations for lifestyle products, including consumer technology, theatre tickets, conferences, festivals, travel destinations, airlines, etc., her friends and acquaintances would follow through with her recommendations and make purchases, try new recipes and set themselves sailing.

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Toure and Dr. Goddess Discuss (Post) Blackness, Then and Now, on Twitter

Last night, I watched a (very nice!) video of Black music and cultural pundit, Toure, reading from his forthcoming book, “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?” in which he recounted what he called, “the most humiliating moment of my life” after a young man told him, “you’re not Black.”

Toure and I went to college together; and I was standing right there when all of this happened. For the record, the man said, “Oh shut up, Toure…You ain’t even Black.”

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Help Dr. Goddess Help Ms. Freedom

A request from Dr. Goddess to help her help Ms. Freedom… “She Put a Hammer in My Hand”.

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Ask a Sista at Netroots Nation!

Dr. Goddess is speaking at Netroots Nation on the panel, “Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship”, L100 AB, Minneapolis, MN Convention Center. Watch Live at

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Ask Dr. Goddess (Almost) Anything

Ask Dr. Goddess…

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A Prayer for Discernment: Eddie Long Deserves Grace…(Jones, That Is)

According to Sam Reynold’s, an astrologer and one of my great Twitter buddies, Eddie Long is experiencing his “Saturn Return”. I asked Sam what that meant and if it was along the lines of “what goes around comes around?” and he said “Yes.” Naturally, this led me to the film,

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