If Revolution Were an After-Thanksgiving Day Sale!

If Revolution Were an After Thanksgiving Day Sale

a sign, flashing in fluorescent colors

would declare the revolution


for all the sisters and brothers

And when the doors opened and the red ribbon was cut

we would rush to tear down the walls of the prison industrial complex

and a sign encouraging accountability, self actualization and healing

would declare each freed man and woman as being

“Under New Management!”

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Are You for Fannie Lou?: The Campaign for Her Statue

Are you for Fannie Lou?: The Campaign for Her Statue. Please donate to the Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Fund so we can keep her legacy alive in Ruleville, Mississippi.

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The Personal is Political: No Wedding, No Womb Pt. II

I’m a fan of Ashley Judd and Marisa Tomei (who got her start as “Maggie” on “A Different World”), so naturally, at some point in 2001, I didn’t turn the channel when a movie entitled, “Someone Like You” aired, since they appeared on screen. Unless they’re of the Jerry McGuire

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Sloganeering and Slacktivism: The No Wedding, No Womb Campaign

The multimedia campaign, “No Wedding, No Womb” debuted on my brother’s birthday (Hey Paul!) and while I was in D.C. feeling bad that I had not properly prepared to send my brother a card to make sure it arrived on his actual birthday (My bad, Paul!), a girlfriend asked me

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My Mic Sounds Nice: So Why Am I Scene, (But) Not Heard?

BET Videos “It’s almost chivalry…but not really” — Jean Grae “Whew, I know the pressure, Sista, I do…” — Roxanne Shante Initially, I only caught the tail end of BET’s premiere of “My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip Hop”. I thought it was very good and

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Our Fascination with the Antoine Dodson Situation

America is fascinated with Antoine Dodson and it all started with a media report, an upload on YouTube and an AutoTune remix.

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