TheatreChat with Lamman Rucker, Layon Gray and The “Black Angels Over Tuskegee!”

#TheatreChat is a Tweetchat created by @DrGoddess to celebrate great Theatre. Today’s guests were Actor, Educator and Entrepreneur, @LammanRucker and Playwright and Actor, @LayonGray. These two gentlemen, along with Thom Scott, are co-founders of @TheBlackGents of Hollywood and are presently Off-Broadway performing “Black Angels Over Tuskegee” (@BlackAngelsPlay) at The Actor’s Temple Theater, 349 West. 47th street, New York City, NY.

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A Dr. Goddess Giveaway with Sears and Kenmore!

Folks, I have a ton of brand loyalty to Sears and Kenmore because I grew up with their great appliances and credit the intelligent choices my Mom aka “Ms. Freedom” made for our family. As you may know, I’ll be debuting my next play entitled, “She Put a Hammer in My Hand, a story about women and home improvement,” which is a tribute to her and a tool kit for all of us. Thus, I’m delighted to be flying on over to Chicago for the Kenmore Bloggers Summit and there’s a great opportunity for you to win some great prizes, particularly a Sears Gift Card of $100, $50 and $25. *SQUEAL*

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Make the Intelligent Choice: Product Reviews!

Dr. Goddess found that as she began to make product recommendations for lifestyle products, including consumer technology, theatre tickets, conferences, festivals, travel destinations, airlines, etc., her friends and acquaintances would follow through with her recommendations and make purchases, try new recipes and set themselves sailing.

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Problematic Pontificating on Planking with P. Diddy’s Poprah

I love planking.

It may also be the devil.

In an amazing feat, planking has caused a gigantic rumor mill to spin a tale of its supposed origins in slavery and/or the narrative that it is “a racist term”. Nothing can be more ridiculous but the retweeting of slave ships in response to the #planking hashtag on Twitter and with folks asking, “still think it’s funny?”

Um, yes. I do. For the most part, planking is silly and funny and so many other things.

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A Giveaway on August Wilson’s Birthday

Posted in Art, Blog, Contests by Dr. Goddess

It’s an August Wilson Giveaway on his birthday!

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Dr. Goddess Giveaway!: Tickets to SunStar Festival!!

      Click Here to View the YouTube Video Okay, folks! Here’s Dr. Goddess’ first contest! I thought it would be a makeup contest to celebrate the makeover of my new site but I’m not surprised it has ended up being an intelligent woman giveaway! LOL!!! Welcome to the

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