The 2014 Oscars Were Finally Dignified, Deep and Diverse

Dr. Goddess gives some of the most inspiring moments from a most dignified and diverse 2014 Oscar Awards Ceremony.

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Twitter Remembers Author and Fashionista, Erica J. Kennedy

Today, on Twitter, many of us learned that Author and Fashionista, Erica J. Kennedy passed away. According to her cousin, @bossladydani, she was found in her Miami apartment. We will hear much more about what happened in the future but as someone who archives and talks about “the bombastic brilliance of Black Twitter,” I found myself scrolling through Erica Kennedy’s timeline and laughing, smiling and crying. She was young, beautiful, talented, brilliant, all of that. Erica arrived on Twitter, initially, as @Feminista09 and then moved to @ericajk.

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Balafon’s Welcome to Black River African Dance Conference!

Oh yes!! YES! Pittsburgh’s first Welcome to Black River African Dance Conference! May 25 – 27, 2012, Memorial Day Weekend! We’re going to learn so many different dances, such as Sabar, Lenjen and Sorsone! We have Papa Assane Kone from Kankouran in D.C. in the house, too!

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On Being Natural and Black: An Open Letter to Wendy Williams

Dear Wendy Williams… You owe Black girls and women and any girl who struggles with not being the (white) standard of beauty an apology. You owe reparations, Wendy, so here’s what I want you to do…

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Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl Freestyles for Dr. Goddess

Before I can hit the stage, a sista starts beatboxing hardcore from behind me. OOOOohhh, I fall right into the beat. Her name is Amber. We all tell her to get up onstage! She jumps onstage, beatboxes, and Issa Rae starts freestyling…

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Happy Birthday, Mommy! aka “Ms. Freedom”

Today is my Mother’s birthday. Just typing that makes me want to cry. I want to share some things about her (you, Mommy), if you all don’t mind… I know it’s cliche’ to talk about your Mother and to say how special she is; but I really don’t know a

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Getting Back to Fit and Fabulous

Dr. Goddess is getting back to being fit and fabulous!

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An Open Letter to Chris Rock

Chris Rock,

Like America’s conscience, I want to erase this moment in history but I can’t. You disgust me to no end. I cannot believe I just witnessed your tasteless, callous, immature, disrespectful and unfunny “comedic tribute” to Oprah Winfrey.

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