Michael Moore Premieres “Capitalism: A Love Story” in The Burgh!

The AFL-CIO Conference is here and at the last minute, they were able to get Michael Moore to do the world premiere of his new documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”. He said it’s the culmination of his 20 years of filmmaking—and it shows. As usual, Moore interlaces old film clips

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Countdown to the Conference!

Alright, folks, you ready? Purchase your plane ticket here (they’re still cheap right now): Register and get Hotel Information here: Check Us Out on Facebook Here (See Our Video Trailer!): Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

It’s Been a Long Time . . .

I shouldn’t’ve left youwithout a dope beat to step to — Eric B & Rakim First up: I’m getting ready to pack up and be “gone fishing”. Can’t wait.This was a long year full of extensive drama (of all kinds) and your girl is bringing the curtain down in 3

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Election Results in the Burgh

Okay, good people. Let’s look at the FACTS: In sum, lots of new registered voters voted. A ton of Democrats voted. Hillary won PA but Barack is still in the lead. Barack got more delegates from the Burgh and Jake made it rain.STATISTICS REPORT-EL45 PAGE 001 VOTES PERCENTPRECINCTS COUNTED (OF

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Three Great Historic Moments

So much happening, so little time to blog about it. But: 1. The great Aime Cesaire (Negritude) has passed away. R.I.P., Mr. Cesaire. 2. Jake Wheatley is going to be re-elected State Representative. I’m claiming it. 3. Baracky the Vote – absolutely hilarious. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Goodbai, Pittsburgh!

So, I’m on my way to Dubai. See ya in a few. I’ll try to blog or something while I’m gone. For the dude who wrote all of those anonymous responses to my post: You’re welcome to post here and I probably won’t censor you; but don’t be comin’ up

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From Da Burgh to Dubai!

Folks, I’ve been very busy and don’t always have time to update my blog. I’m also headed to Dubai for a conference on Women as Global Leaders, so please don’t be astonished when I return even more determined and pointed in my criticism than before. Here’s an update before I

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August Wilson Historic Designation

Posted in Activism, Blog by Dr. Goddess

Folks, We’ve been very busy over here in the Historic Hill District. And speaking of history, today at 1:00pm, City County Building, Downtown Pittsburgh YOU can weigh in on what I wrote in my Revelations Column: 1. The Historic designation of August Wilson’s birth home by City Council 2. The

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