Dr. Goddess Arts, Education and Management is casting for upcoming productions!


“Thank You, Craig” – A song and a video shoot

  • Needed: Actors, Singers, Dancers & Crew, Tech & Admin

“Smartmouthed Live!” – A comedy show

  • Needed: Crew & Tech, Admin & Comedians Needed

“She Put a Hammer in My Hand”, a play about women and home improvement (a one woman show that will require multiple productions. Be THAT WOMAN!).

  • Needed: Multifaceted actresses who can play any age, Crew, Tech & Admin

“Community Meeting, the Musical”…Because we’ve all been there! A full, ensemble production that will include children ages 7 and up.

  • Needed: Men, women, girls and boys. Actors will be cast based upon the roles in the script. Triple and Quadruple threats (actors, singers, dancers and persons who can play instruments) are happily encouraged to audition. Crew, Tech & Admin

Singers: If you can do nothing but sing, we still want to hear you. This ensemble production will have its own chorus.

This is NOT a Children’s Theatre production, it INCLUDES children, just like our last ensemble production, “Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail: A Spoken Word, Musical Comedy (Unfortunately) Based on a True Story”.

Please start practicing now! These will be the best Dr. Goddess productions EVER! And you know that’s sayin’ somethin’…

Come Prepared with:

1. A monologue, no longer than 2 minutes

2. Sing a song acapella if you sing

3. Demonstrate your dance skills if you dance (be prepared to learn a routine on the spot)

4. Your resume if you desire to be crew or administration

Show Us What You’ve Got!


Fill Out the Form Below to Apply for Cast / Crew and Stay Informed!



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