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“You’re Beautiful to Me,” is a Transmedia project written, directed and produced by Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. aka @DrGoddess, that showcases an African American mother and daughter navigating the rough terrain of dementia symptoms, diagnosis and care management, beginning with a tragic but humorously, intimate, documentary largely captured on an iPhone.

Documentary Film Synopsis:

A social media-loving Scholar, Artist and Activist’s life is turned into a chaotic, beautiful mess when her Mother began to demonstrate signs of what she came to learn was Frontotemporal Dementia, an aggressive and relatively unknown disorder, often confused with Alzheimer’s. During a period of a national recession, ongoing debates over health reform and in a country that celebrates youth culture and beauty and eschews and devalues our elders, “You’re Beautiful to Me” is a reminder that the health and wellness of all people should be valued and that both the elderly and their caregivers need far more support than that which they are getting now. Further, statewide and federal standards around nursing homes and care units for elders need tremendous improvement and additional staff, as more education and research are necessary into the variety of dementias that exist, such as Frontotemporal Dementia.

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