Smartmouthed Live!

“Smartmouthed Live!” is Dr. Goddess’s first Stand up Comedy Show Series!

Sketches, impersonations, politics, womanism, beatboxing, dancing, singing, it’s all here! Except for cooning. We don’t do cooning. 

September 2013

Smartmouthed Live!: Exhale (Opening for Terry McMillan)

Dr. Goddess performs a segment from her “Smartmouthed Live!” Standup Comedy as the opener for author, Terry McMillan to a large audience at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Intelligence Blues

Terry McMillan

Shonda Rhymes Gets an Emmy

How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Or Not…

Waiting to Exhale and Patti Labelle

Jesse Jackson, Jr.: The House Will Come to Order

Count on Me

Dr. Goddess Does Standup

Dr. Goddess Does Standup

Dr. Goddess Does Standup Some Mo'

Dr. Goddess – “The House Will Come to Order”

Byham Theater Audience

Byham Theater Audience

Dr. Goddess and Terry McMillan

Dr. Goddess and Terry McMillan

February 2013

Smartmouthed Live!: It’s Black History Month, Y’all!

Saturday Night Live, the next chapter in the new, Standup Variety Show series, “Smartmouthed,”, Dr. Goddess gives us another dose of the hilarity that comes from her smart mouth. Her special brand of humor will leave no scar unopened and no person unscathed. On the dais to be talked about are: Michelle Obama’s bangs, the murderer Chicago criminal justice accidentally set free, Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s shenanigans, how Black speakers prepare for Black History Month, everything White people have done funny since the last show (from Marco Rubio’s thirst to John Boehner getting shaded by Michelle Obama to the Harlem Shake meme), Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige doing “Betty and Coretta” and more original poetry and song from the mind of Dr. Goddess because she is a/muse/d.

November 2012

Smartmouthed Live!: Dare To Be Intelligent

Just after the election, y’all!

“Smartmouthed Live” is the first in a series of Stand Up, Comedy Show performances by Dr. Goddess, a multifaceted performing artist and renaissance woman who is a scholar and an activist. Saturday Night, she’s live, daring you to be intelligent with poetry, sketches, standup and song.

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