Headlines and Hashtags: A Lecture Performance


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“Headlines and Hashtags: A Lecture Performance” is the latest performance piece from Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. aka Dr. Goddess, perfect for high school, college and university students, faculty and administration. Click Here to Book Now! “Headlines and Hashtags” is a theatrical and scholarly presentation that draws on her artistic and academic expertise in Black theatre, Africana Studies, Women’s Studies, English Literature, and the digital humanities. Her performance addresses a wide range of topics in a complex manner, such that students, faculty and administrators will be entertained but also inspired and heavily informed. Dr. Goddess challenges popular conceptions of single mothers and draws on religious and theological discussions to elevate conversations about mothering and motherhood; offers a critique of mainstream Hip Hop and the music industry; educates audiences about the depth of the history of the African in America; and troubles racial misconceptions and disturbs comfortable stereotypes around race, class, gender and our criminal justice system.

Additionally, Dr. Goddess will raise awareness around how to positively engage new media to create a more inclusive and just society. Dr. Goddess’ expertise in the digital humanities with a particular focus on social media platforms (she is currently working on a book entitled The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter), allows her to connect with students through a medium that permeates their daily lives. This event will provide a creative way of engaging students where they are and helping them use the tools of their generation for critical engagement and social activism. In light of the recent high profile murders of Black boys, Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin and girls, Rekia Boyd and Renisha McBride, Dr. Goddess’ examination of the criminal justice system will provide a timely critique of the impact of the criminalization of Black girls/women and boys/men as well as how to use social media to engage in efforts for social justice.

The Tweets Are In!

The Tweets Are In!

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The Reviews Are In!

The Reviews Are In!

Posting with the lovely OSU Newark Students! Hey Ladies! *waves*

Posing with the lovely OSU Newark Students! Hey Ladies! *waves*

Fairfrield UMOJA_FINAL

Fairfield University Black History Month Keynote Flyer

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@DrGoddess posting with Fairfield Students and Faculty, Dr. Yohuru Williams

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