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Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. is a Published Author:

Booksigning for August Wilson PHLF Publication

Dr. Ellis’s academic work is published in:

“Pride and Pain of Place”. Introduction. August Wilson: Pittsburgh Places in His Life and Plays”. Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 2011;

“This Woman’s Work: A Selection of Black Women’s Artistic and Cultural Contributions to the Greater Pittsburgh Region in the Late Twentieth Century” (Oral History Project and Article) in August Wilson Center for African American Culture Exhibit and Symposium Catalog, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6, 2006;

“Enemies: Both Foreign and Domestic: The Tulsa Race Riot, War and Massacre of 1921”, The Paradox of Loyalty: An African American Response to the War on Terror, edited by Julianne Malveaux and Reginna King, Third World Press, 2002;

“Topsy Goes to Catholic School: Lessons in Academic Excellence, Refinement and Religion,” in Jacqueline Jordan Irvine and Michele Foster, eds., Growing Up African American in Catholic Schools. Teacher’s College Press of Columbia University, 1996, 153 – 169.

She is also a published artist:

“Dr. Goddess!: Poetry from the One-Woman Show” © 2004, Dr. Goddess Arts, Education and Management, April 2006;

And a published journalist:

Co-host of the live panel turned web series, “Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship,” June 2011 – present;

Professional Blogger and Freelance Columnist,, “A Black Woman’s Life of the Mind is Her Own: Melissa Harris-Perry,”, “How One Tech Diva Went Tweet for Tweet with the Former Queen of Daytime TV,”, “Sneaky Travel Tips to Keep You Healthy While Traveling,”, “An Open Letter to Chris Rock”, “Child, Please: How A Sensational News Story Skipped The Facts (Memphis Teenage Pregnancies); “Minstrel Memo to Beyonce: No Such Thing as Benevolent Blackface”, January 2011 – present;

Co-Owner and List Manager, “AW-L: The Discussion List for the Life, Literature and Legacy of August Wilson”, an online forum which boasts membership of national and international fans, scholars, educators, producers, directors, thespians, designers and other practitioners of August Wilson works, February 2005 – present;

Guest Columnist/Expert Dance Critic, “So You Think You Can Dance?,” Season 6, Aug – Dec. 2009;

“Real Love: Barack and Michelle Obama”, Special Inauguration Issue, Ebony Magazine, January 2009;

Columnist, “Revelations by Dr. Goddess,” Pittsburgh City Paper, February 2007 – July 2008;

“Young, Gifted and Black in Beijing” in “I’ve Known Rivers: The Museum of the African Diaspora Project”, San Francisco, CA, December 2, 2005;

“Giving Their Hands: Creating Storied Quilts at the Vintage Senior Center in East Liberty,” New Pittsburgh Courier, October 19, 2005;

“Young, Gifted and Black in Beijing,” Traveling While Black. AOL Black Voices Lifestyles, October 4, 2005;

“Tulsa Race Riot Survivors Tell Their Story,” AOL Black Voices News, May 9, 2005;

“Kicking Dirt on Kwanzaa,” New Pittsburgh Courier December 28, 2003;


Haikus for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama © 2008, Dr. Goddess Arts, Education and Management, April 2008;

“I Apologize: An Open Poem to My Mother for the Women’s Equal Pay Day Rally”, April 2007;

“Black with Pink Lining” (Poem) A Tribute to August Wilson in Black Masks, Beth Turner, ed., May / June Issue 2006;

“Three Rivers Woman,” (Poem) in August Wilson Center for African American Culture Exhibit and Symposium Catalog, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6, 2006;

“In Pittsburgh,” (Poem) in Unity and Struggle, Amiri Baraka, ed., September 2001.

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