Who is Dr. Goddess?

Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D., is affectionately known as Dr. Goddess,” and a true Renaissance Woman. She is a writer, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a scholar (of American and Africana Studies), and an activist. Dr. Goddess engages social media to promote a new age liberation ideology undergirded by revolutionary love and uses art, humor, scholarship and politics to do it. Her slogan is “Meet Dr. Goddess. Become a Believer.”—a believer in empowerment, in Womanism, in freedom, justice, equality, citizenship and in the fullness of our humanity.


Dr. Goddess is a writer for a host of outlets, including The Daily Dot, Salon.com, Alternet.orgEbony.com,  TheLoop21.com and her own “Revelations” blog. She is also a former columnist for the Pittsburgh City Paper and is published in the Special Inaugural Edition of Ebony Magazine about the “Real Love” of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. She is also the first full-time columnist and dance expert for BuddyTV.com, where she covered the popular show, “So You Think You Can Dance?”  She is also the creator of “August Wilson for Young Minds” and “Social Court TV,” where social media, televised trials and the justice system meet. 

In addition to her online column work and blogging, Dr. Goddess is a published author and scholar, whose works include poetry, essays, and a chapter (“Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic: The Tulsa Race Riot, War and Massacre of 1921”) in the book, The Paradox of Loyalty: An African American Response to the War on Terror edited by Julianne Malveaux and Reginna Green.

Dr. Goddess is also an award-winning poet, playwright and performing artist, who is presently on tour with, “Dr. Goddess!: A One Woman Show” and screenings of its sequel, the ensemble production of “Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail: A Spoken Word, Musical Comedy (Unfortunately) Based on a True Story,” now on DVD.

Social Media

Named one of the “Most Influential Black Women on Twitter” by “For Harriet” Digital Magazine and profiled as one of the “Exquisite Women” by The Black Man Can, Dr. Goddess is known for her “Twectures” (Lectures on Twitter) on American and Black History, Popular Culture and Activism. She has also created some of the most memorable trending topics to date, including #FoodiesUnite (for people who like to eat mostly healthy but delicious food), #GradChat (for people of color who want to learn more about graduate school), #BlkNat (for discussions and critiques about Black Nationalism and its cousin, Pan-Africanism), #BlkTheater (to promote and discuss Black Theater) and the humorous, cult-favorite, #BaracksFlagPin (now @BaracksFlagpin, providing hilariously irreverent translations of President Obama’s speeches as information and inspiration for the masses). Naturally, she’s writing a book entitled, The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter, available Spring 2016.

Dr. Goddess’ knowledge of and love for technology and keen sense of the media are quickly making her one of the most recognizable and influential personalities online.  Her commentary has been referenced on Sirius XM Radio’s “Make It Plain” as a Nightly Trial Analyst, BBC Whys, NPR, Voices of Russia, KJLH, WBAI, KDKA, WQED, WTAE, KQV News Radio, WAMO, “Blackademics” in Washington, D.C. and numerous other radio stations and news media outlets. Dr. Goddess is also a “She Source” expert for the Women’s Media Center and an alumna of Progressive Women’s Voices. She also serves as the Digital Consultant for the National Black Theatre Festival, a biennial celebration of Black Theatre that caters to 60,000 persons in a one-week period.

Activism and Social Media

Dr. Goddess is the Creative Organizer and Digital Strategist for the “Are You for Fannie Lou?” Campaign on behalf of the Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Fund, which successfully completed its goal, as well as the Consultant for the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. In addition, she organized and moderated the “Tweeting the Revolution: How Hip Hop Transformed 140 into 360″ panel for Netroots Nation 2010 in Las Vegas as well as discussed taking online activism offline at Blogalicious Bloggers Conference 2010 in Miami. Dr. Goddess was the Lead Organizer for Pennsylvania’s Statewide, progressive, “RootsCamp” with 32 other states for the New Organizing Institute and is a 2013 Graduate of NOI’s New Media Bootcamp. She is also the founder of the civic tech project, #BlackPoliticsMatter.

A veteran of lecture performances, workshops, and master classes, Dr. Goddess has lectured and taught throughout the United States and abroad, including Jamaica, Ghana, China, Dubai, and UAE.  She also engages in local artist residencies for young people, lending her expertise and leadership to such places as the Urban League Charter School, the Hill House Summer Arts Camp, the Hill Dance Academy Theater and the Lighthouse Project at Westinghouse High School.

Education and Scholarship

As a graduate student in American Studies at Purdue University, she launched the “All Eyes on Tulsa” Campaign in order to secure reparations on behalf of survivors of the Tulsa Race Riot, War and Massacre of 1921; and worked with a “dream team” of lawyers (including the late Johnnie Cochran, Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree, #1 Washington, D.C. Lawyer, Michelle Roberts, former TransAfrica Forum’s Randall Robinson and Al Brophy) to file a lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court. Dr. Ellis testified at a Congressional Black Caucus Hearing in May 2005.


Dr. Goddess recently completed artist residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and at the Banff International Center in Alberta, Canada, where she focused on her new works, “She Put a Hammer in My Hand”, a one woman performance about women and home improvement and “Community Meeting” an ensemble cast, spoken word, musical comedy about, well, a community, meeting. The show is foregrounded by the single, “Thank You, Craig,” a celebration of the online community, Craigslist. She also recently debuted a new character by the name of “Shonda Rhymes” in tribute to creator, Shonda Rhimes and opened for Terry McMillan with her new Stand Up Comedy Show, “Smartmouthed Live!”. Her most recent project is as a documentary feature film and transmedia project, “You’re Beautiful to Me,” which captures her mother’s journey with dementia, mostly on her iphone. Dr. Goddess received a grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation to complete this documentary; and she is now submitting to Film Festivals. Follow the hashtag, #YBTM on all social media platforms.

For her scholarly work, Dr. Ellis is presently working on her scholarly manuscript and memoir, “The Way We Fought and Why: The Tulsa Race Riot, War and Massacre of 1921”.


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