Twitter Outraged Over @TheOnion Tweet About Nine Year Old Actress at #Oscars

We were watching and live-tweeting the Oscars and then whomever was tweeting for @TheOnion wrote a disgusting tweet about Quvenzhane Wallis, the nine year old actress who made history becoming the youngest actress nominated for an Oscar.

Here is the offensive tweet and the list of tweets of outrage, beginning with a preview. You can get more information on who to contact, where and how, etc. Start with: and tweet them at @TheOnion and let them know how you feel.

Please click or point your browser here if you can’t see the tweets in this message:

Yes, race, class and gender are all in play here. But you don’t attack kids, period. As a writer of comedy, as a playwright, as somebody who writes about the lives of Black girls and even someone with a sick sense of humor, the fact is that children are off limits and you don’t use vulgar, sexual jokes to refer to them.


The Onion needs to reveal the writer, make an apology and issue a swift and just penalty.



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