My Twitter Beef with Oprah About Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas on Time Mag Cover

All That (Should) Matter


Gabrielle Douglas on Oprah

I was co-hosting “Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship” (which airs live every Sunday, 7pm EST, except this week, as we are broadcasting from the Democratic National Convention!) with my co-hosts, Jenifer Daniels (@thefriendraiser) and Cheryl Contee (@ch3ryl). Follow us on Twitter and participate in our hashtag: #AskaSista

So, after chatting it up lovely with the ladies and gents in our Spreecast chatroom, I was anticipating Gabrielle Douglas’s interview with Mother Oprah. And I usually refer to Oprah as “Mother Oprah” but in this case, the resemblance between she and Gabrielle is uncanny and I am beginning to question this Olympian’s birth:

Don’t they look just alike?!?

I was live-tweeting the show and LOVING IT (especially when “Gabby” said she prefers to be called “Gabrielle”) until Oprah started to give more time to the “hair issue” (which was initially more of a non-issue in the context of the Olympics and the stories that should have remained prominent). So, I did what I normally do, which is to tweet my thoughts and, in this case, my dissatisfaction—directly to Mother Oprah.

When Oprah responded, it became a “Twitter Debate”:

Harpo, Who Dis Woman?!

There are sooo many multilayered issues here. And you know that I have written about it, tweeted about it, talked about it.

My most recent piece discussing the role of Black Twitter, Oprah and OWN is here on

I also did a #SheParty discussion with the Women’s Media Center and it was quite robust with great engagement from many different parties.

But what I really want is for you to see the “raw tweets,” the actual discussion as it went down on Twitter—and tell me what you think about it.

Is Oprah off base here? Is Dr. Goddess in the paint? Is this unfair to place on Gabrielle’s shoulders?

Check it out and let a Sista know…

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One Response to My Twitter Beef with Oprah About Gabrielle Douglas

  1. @oprah @drgoddess seems Gabby’s mom was one of the women also concerned about Gabby’s hair – especially since Gabby was out of her circle

    I believe women should let their roots show. most who don’t know their hair don’t know their history – #naturalhair esp

    we have to face facts that we had a generation of women who CHANGED our hair AND implanted inferiority #HairSheGoes

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