Twitter Remembers Author and Fashionista, Erica J. Kennedy

Today, on Twitter, many of us learned that Author and Fashionista, Erica J. Kennedy passed away. According to her cousin, @bossladydani, she was found in her Miami apartment.

We will hear much more about what happened in the future but as someone who archives and talks about “the bombastic brilliance of Black Twitter,” I found myself scrolling through Erica Kennedy’s timeline and laughing, smiling and crying. She was young, beautiful, talented, brilliant, all of that. Erica arrived on Twitter, initially, as @Feminista09 and then moved to @ericajk.

I only met her one time in person (thanks to @MajoraCarter) and I was delighted to do so and give her a hug, in appreciation of her spirit in her tweets. I knew about but had not yet read, “Bling” and “Feminista” had just come out. Still, you will see what I mean as you explore her tweets—snarky and fun and intelligent and rachet. She knew A LOT of people, she was clearly a connector and she was beloved by many.

This is not a eulogy. There are persons far closer, qualified and capable of honoring her in the manner in which she fully deserves.

It’s just that, as an Historian who does Tech and a collector of tweets, I wanted to pay Erica her just due and put Her Excellency on display, for all of the world to see. Erica certainly spoke for herself—and well. Amazingly, I have never been able to archive 150 pages of anyone’s tweets, so somebody must have known something.

Thank You for your tweets, your life, your spirit, Erica.

May you rest in peace, as we call upon and remember your name…


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