Too Short, XXL Magazine and Mama’s Gun

His Arms Are Too Short to Box with Goddesses and the Men Who Love Them

Once upon a time, a 45 year old “dirty rapper” named Too Short was being interviewed by XXL Magazine and asked to give advice to boys on getting a girl (to put it mildly), particularly after their tired attempts at “trying to get kisses” from them. So, he encouraged boys to push a girl up against the wall, put saliva on his finger and his hand down her pants and to “watch what happens.”


So, there goes the wonderful first kiss, first touch, first song to capture the moment like in Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” where he sings, “If allowed, may I touch your hand? And if pleased, may I, once again? So that you, too, will understand, there’s a ribbon in the sky for our love…,”and there goes the first love scene from “Love and Basketball,”right along with an outwardly stated girls’ right to consent to being pushed against the way or any type of treatment, as well as the criminalizing of young boys. It may look something like this:

What Are Men Teaching Our Boys?

In this scenario, Too Short comes off as that creepy uncle that only tells you half of the information about sexual activity, just before you wind up expecting a child, flaming from an STD or in jail somewhere. He could have just said, “XXL, y’all know I’m a dirty rapper. I have ZERO place telling children anything at all. My music is for freaky grown folks who may like a little sadomasochism but, let the kids be great…” but no, that would be too much like right.

So, what did XXL Magazine do? They posted the video, of course. Vanessa Satten, the editor, claims she did not see the video, did not know it was being posted and that it doesn’t mesh with her core values but, come on, XXL Magazine seems to value their revenue, above all else.

Many persons have written about the incident thus far but I have some favorite articles you should read like this one on what all of the Hip Hop sites can learn about sexual violence, this one, in the form of a “Feminist Care Package” and, most importantly, this one, the organized effort of the “We Are the 44 % Coalition” to make both the individual (Too Short) and the corporate culture (XXL Magazine) held accountable for promoting rape culture.

Now, Too Short did apologize and say he was willing to take action, so we’ll see!

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Plug into the Tweetchat: #WeAreThe44 and #ItsBiggerThan2Short

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Here’s Tweetchat #2, hosted by @DoctressStory

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