A Black Woman’s Life of the Mind is Her Own: The Ebony Article, The Mad Free Event & the Twitter Debate on Melissa Harris-Perry

Tune In on MSNBC!

I wrote the article entitled, “A Black Woman’s Life of the Mind is Her Own” for Ebony.com and received a great deal of feedback. Thankfully, it was published on the same day that Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry engaged in a “Mad Free” curated event at the Brooklyn Museum by Michaela Angela Davis. Further, it was but one day prior to the debut of “Melissa Harris-Perry,” her new show on MSNBC.

The synergy led to a discussion on Twitter about the Ebony article, the live-tweeting of the #MadFree event at the Brooklyn Museum, a post-event discussion and a focused debate between myself (@DrGoddess) and Dr. Imani Perry (@ImaniPerry), a Princeton professor and a noted protege’ of Dr. Cornel West, as well as a scholar-activist in her own right.

Observe the discussion and enjoy…


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