Problematic Pontificating on Planking with P. Diddy’s Poprah





I love planking.

It may also be the devil.

In an amazing feat, planking has caused a gigantic rumor mill to spin a tale of its supposed origins in slavery and/or the narrative that it is “a racist term”. Nothing can be more ridiculous; but the retweeting of slave ships with folks asking, “still think it’s funny?”continues, unabated, on Twitter and Facebook.

Um, yes. I do. For the most part, planking is silly and funny and so many other things. Article forthcoming…

But last night, the strangest thing happened when I saw ongoing tweets from “Poprah” (of Work for Diddy 1 & 2 fame) repeatedly requesting that the Black press, in particular, “tell the truth” and “the whole story” about the slave origins of planking.

I was tired of correcting this mythology but I was so horrified by this reality star’s appeal to her 20,000 followers and the press that I felt the need to tweet her a very polite tweet. Things quickly went downhill…and then grew to hysterical. I’ve been under a great deal of stress, lately, so the resulting laughter was more than welcome. But first, the drama! She begins with the obligatory, obsessive advertising that reality tv stars must engage in to keep themselves relevant. And, it just occurred to me that she very well MAY be trying to shade Diddy on the low. See below…

And, family, is Poprah still on your radar? Do you engage in planking? Are we wrong for dismissing slavery?

Let a Sista know…

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9 Responses to Problematic Pontificating on Planking with P. Diddy’s Poprah


    So funny how this NOBODY so called Doctor, finds it necessary to use my name to try to get some press for this poor excuse for a WORDPRESS blog.

    You say I’m a nobody, but you spent alot of time & effort to write a story & to post my tweets as far back as 11 days ago to date and try to make a story out of a twitter conversation. HOW DESPERATE OF YOU! Is your practice suffering that bad? And what is it that you practice any way, other than pointless rhetoric from your self-proclaimed platform of intellect.

    Hysterical that you needed my & Diddy’s name to try to validate your commentary and gain interests in your rant. If you had a following of your own, it wouldn’t be necessary for you to make this desperate attempt out a non-story. YOU’RE TRULY PITIFUL & FAR FROM BEING CONSIDERED MEDIA IN THE CREDIBLE SENSE. You say you needed this “humorous” engagement because you’ve been stressed lately. MAYBE you’re stressed because your whole existence is a FRAUD and a poor attempt at being something you’re not, credible & of any level of integrity.

    Watch what you say, because my attorney is only a phone call away!

    • admin

      Hey Poprah,

      First of all, I never called you a “nobody” and I don’t believe that.
      Second, make up your mind. On the one hand, you think it’s okay to go baseline in your attacks on people trying to have a polite conversation (even debate) with you, you’re constantly bragging about being on “reality TV” and then you challenged me to a public debate, yes? If so, why are you so mad about this chirpstory (a collection of tweets which form a “story” of what happened around a particular topic or day)?

      Third, I’m sure you won’t believe this but our exchange is the longest, full convo I had on Twitter about slavery’s non-relation to planking. I follow the planking hashtag and I KNOW how popular that mythology is, so I wasn’t having that full conversation again. You were used to make a point so I would not have to further waste my time. Plus, you’re so ignorant AND arrogant, it was too easy. You claim you don’t min, so I see no reason why you’re upset. I introduced my timeline to you, not vice versa. Congratulations on your newfound fame!

      Finally, I am someone who followed you when you first came on Twitter because I was, hmmm, somewhat of a fan. I wanted to see you succeed because I recognized your pain. You seem more interested in being a mean girl bully, as you did when you were on Work for Diddy 1 & 2, as well as when you first joined Twitter. You’re smart but since you’ve refused to deal with your emotional damage, you are now self-destructive. Go to therapy. There is no shame in it and working through your pain will relieve you of the need to lash out at any and every perceived threat.


      Dr. Goddess

  2. Of No Consequence

    If she’s such a nobody, so pitiful, desperate, a fraud, and invalid, why are you here dear? Why are you taking time to respond? Did she strike a nerve? She only put your own hypocrisies and inaccuracies on display if this is even you, Poprah (I suspect it is because of the grammar and excessive capitalization of which seems to be your signature). And why do you keep assuming she isn’t really a Dr. ____? Have you tried to look her up? You refer to her practice; do you realize that Dr. is the title for anyone with a medical degree **or** a Doctorate of some sort? She probably has a PhD in which case she wouldn’t have a “practice”. You’re making yourself look highly sophomoric.

  3. I Want to Work for Dr. Goddess

    Poprah, fall back. This whole thing went amok when you went from zero to sixty when a sister attempted to save you from yourself. Look, we’ve all been gullible and run away with misinformation. When you love your people, you do that every once in while.

    This is how grownups handle it. We investigate, and if we find we’ve been mistaken, we thank the source and recant/clarify our position. We don’t get defensive, hit the caps lock key, start name-calling the people who are trying to inform us, brag about how much money we make (least of all if our website looks like it’s still hosted by Geocities) and all the other childish nonsense to which you quickly resorted.

    But to say that you got in your feelings is misstatement. You got in your EGO, boo. You put the Black media on blast for not covering the planking story, and when someone tried to gently pull your coattails so you didn’t embarrass yourself, you turned on the messenger to save face instead of putting your anger at the rightful place where it belonged: at the person who fed you misinformation and yourself for not being discerning about what you repeat. It’s a good that that BET, MTO, and all the other outlets you called out for not covering this non-story didn’t turn the tables and make your ignorance THE story. That’s probably what you’re really mad at.

    Now legal threats. Seriously? It’s not like someone put words in your mouth. In fact, you’re the one out there implying that you’re going to assault someone for telling you that your wrong on points of FACT. Any lawyer you approach that doesn’t tell you to go sit down somewhere is a hack.

    If you can’t be mature enough to realize that you were mistaken AND then obnoxious for no damn good reason, just learn from the experience, let it go and keep it moving.

  4. Poprah owes me!

    Poprah is broke. I personally know her and have spent the night in her dirty behind apartment. You owe me still for that product I never got back boo! TV company? No ma’am! Ur trying to sell make-up and wigs. Oh and remember our magazine shoot? Exactly how much did you get paid? NOTHING! So we know that while you’ve been on/in mags, you still take your broke behind back to your dirty apt and make that trip in that nasty behind Hummer with food all on the floorboards and in the ashtrays! Stop Twitter-frontin’ for your “fans” w/o a life and lacking the mental capacity to know any better!

  5. I found the entire exchange comical. Starting with the comments she made about Dr. Goddess being a fake “doctor” to the way she couldn’t find any valid counterarguments and decided instead to hurl insults and dig up “dirt” on me. “Dirt” that she found on the ABOUT page of my website. smh. In the same way that reality tv “stars” like Poprah, think so highly of their Z rated appearances, I think the same of myself and other educated individuals. Yes I am an ex exotic dancer turned doctorate degree holder but does my past bar me from expressing how dumb I thought her “opinions” were? I’d like to thank Doc for illustrating the buffoonery that is “Poprah” and invite Poprah to read my blog post ( on the usage of the moniker “Dr” because just as she was misinformed about the origins of planking she is also misinformed about the meaning of “Dr.” smh. lol

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