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They say “A friend in need is a friend, indeed” eh?


For those who’d like to meet my Mom, you can read about how phenomenal she is here when I wished her a Happy Birthday.

Ms. Freedom was in a car accident and I need your help now.


"Ms. Freda" by Erin Perry

I love this picture and it will be used in “She Put a Hammer in My Hand”.

My mother’s story is the basis of my next play, which is entitled, “She Put a Hammer in My Hand”. She is a Handy Ma’am who built up our home when my brother and I were children; but she is older and less strong now, so her eyes are bigger than what her body can physically complete for a construction project. The investment she made in her home—and us—drives me to complete this project for her, so she can live out the final quarter of her life in peace and with a finished project. Anybody who knows anything about construction knows that you just want to finish the project—and well.

But I am working on a different construction project right now that I need to finish in order to finish hers.

So, what happened and why do I need your help?

I need your help because my Mom was in a car accident on Thursday night and was hospitalized. She is fine, alive, nothing broken and released from the hospital; but her face is badly bruised and swollen from hitting the steering wheel and her knee is hurting her. They scanned her head and knee. I didn’t find out until Friday that anything had happened or that she was even in the hospital and I am still mad about that but trying to let it go.

I returned from a GREAT time at Netroots Nation and immediately jumped back into work mode, one project of which is planning the renovation of my Mother’s house. I’m actually planning a big renovation for her home but I keep telling her we’re going to paint and get her a new floor. Don’t worry, she won’t be reading this anytime soon and I’m hoping you’ll be quiet about it.


On Thursday evening, I was out at Home Depot in Robinson Township (near the Pgh airport) with a pending trip to IKEA and Costco. I was already a day behind because all inbound and outbound flights were canceled from Chicago Midway airport, which was my layover destination coming out of Minnesota. I never complain about tornado warnings at airports. We’re alive, right? Okay then…

So, I’d just picked up my bag from the airport because it was sent to NYC (that’s another long story, let’s just move on) and had begun what I knew would be a long night for me.

My mother’s calls. “Would you like to go to the Boyz II Men concert?”

“I would like to, Mom, but I can’t afford it.”

“Well, what if I buy your ticket?”

“Considering that when I run out of money, I come to you, let me just say that WE can’t afford it.”

“Okay.” We hang up… She calls right back. “Well, do you think you can drop me off at Heinz Hall?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 5:25pm.”

“I don’t think so, Mom, I’m way out here at Robinson and I have two other stores I have to get to tonight. Can you ask someone else? Call me back if you can’t find anybody else but I seriously doubt it. Oh shoot, my battery is dying and I don’t have my charger with me. I can’t, Mom…”


That was the last I heard anything from her until I saw her late afternoon on Friday. And by that time, her face was a mess, I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying in front of her when I saw her; and my car, which I’d owned for 16, going on 17 years in August, was a crumpled mess with a curved hood, crushed headlight and twisted wheel shaft.

I am just happy my Mother is okay. The car can go; but I would like to give it a proper burial because I doubt the insurance company is going to want to pay to get it fixed, even if it is a Honda. “Freedom” (which was my car’s name) has been very good to me; and I never focused on the fact that we call my Mom “Ms. Freedom” until Friday. She and my car taught me to follow my dreams and keep it moving, so it all makes sense now.

The car was old but it was still a good car, it was gas efficient, got us through the recession and was still saving me money. At this point, the insurance company cannot pay what the car was truly worth to us and what it was saving us. Not to mention the fact that my uncle helped me buy this car when I was in college, so I am saying goodbye to him, in another way, again.

I was confronted with a $400 towing bill (because it required two men to get my Mom’s car out of the parking garage, where the accident occurred) and I just threw my hands in the air.

I got through 2009, so I know I’ll get through this; but it’s yet another financial setback that I simply cannot afford and time is upon us.

So, I do need your help and while I have donated money to individuals and institutions, it makes me uncomfortable to ask for your donations. What I really need is your business. Here’s how you can help:

1. Hire Me: I do Tech, Social Media and Branding Consulting. I can organize your campaign and train your staff to do a much better job online. As a Creative Organizer, I specialize in tech solutions, social media management, creative advocacy and winning results. Click HERE for more.

2. Book the Show – Dr. Goddess!: A One Woman Show is an award-winning show that’s been on tour since 2005. I’m still amazed at that fact and if you are a producer, be assured that your audiences will be pleased.  Click HERE for more info.

3. Purchase an Institutional License for the DVD for your school, library, university, non-profit, etc. Click HERE for more info.

4. Become an Affiliate in Two Ways: If you refer Dr. Goddess and we Book a Show, you get 20%. Make sure you keep it well-documented and let’s do business. Or get an institution (school, library, university, non-profit, etc.) to purchase a license and make sure your name is listed in the Invoice and you will receive $25. Plain and simple. Click HERE and HERE for more info.

5. Purchase or Give the Gift of Dr. Goddess: Buy the individual retail DVD, CDs or Poetry Book (if we run out of print, it will be sent as an E-book). I will be speaking at Blogging While Brown and BlogHer, so if you pre-order now, I can bring your goods to those conferences, knowing I won’t have to travel back to the East Coast with them. Also, if you purchase $50 worth of merchandise NOW, I’ll give you a free ticket to a Dr. Goddess Show LATER.  Click HERE to purchase.

6. Donate: If you’re in the position to donate, just know you will be helping to fulfill some multiple dreams here and I’ll be sure to share the results from the show and the renovation. Click HERE and scroll down to the Donate Button. If you need a fiscal sponsor to make a tax-deductible donation, Contact Us Here.

7. Corporate Donation of Supplies / Labor: We can do this Extreme Makeover style if you’re a company (like Home Depot or Lowe’s, ahem) who would like to assist by making a donation of bamboo flooring, appliances and/or labor. It would be fabulous and you would receive a great deal of traction from this story. I was working on something like this for the play, so maybe the “urgency of now” will bring it all together. Click HERE to Contact Us.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and well-wishes. My Mom’s face looks really bad, so when you see her, try not to wince because, despite my protests, she will be up and out…

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