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The online world is so fascinating; and when our desires, technology and advocacy come together, we can change the world, large and small. So, some of us are trying to bring back the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, which premiered on HBO with Jill Scott and Anika Noni Rose. The show is engaging, interesting, set in Botswana and I found it absolutely refreshing TV. I already love HBO, this made me love them even more. Plus, I love Jilly from Philly and our girl, the first Black Disney Princess, Anika Noni Rose, so all of this works well together!

Please click here to sign the Twitter petition to Bring Back the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency! (we’ve found that Twitter works very well for direct contact with more immediate results) and learn more here on Shadow and Act, as well as on Facebook. We can do it, people!

Here’s the History:

I was checking Jill Scott’s page on Twitter and I saw her writing to her fans. I have missed the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, so my heart leapt when I saw her actually request assistance. And I knew what I had to do.

So, I used the Act.ly software program on Twitter, for which I still give credit to Raven Brooks of Netroots Nation for sharing with me. I’ve created so many Twitter petitions! LOL! And you can, too! Thanks, Raven!

And it shows up on Twitter like this:

And I tweeted it to the people who responded to my initial Retweet of Jill Scott’s tweet, first, and a few folks I know in the industry:

The petition was spread via Retweet and people started to sign it, immediately. The great thing about Act.ly is all you have to do to sign the petition is to Retweet it the way it’s written. The next day, on Twitter, @AmazingKarma, who writes for Shadow and Act, a great film website, fact-checked with me and then immediately went into action. So, this tweet:

Led to my sending her the previous tweets you see on this page; and then this:

She put a great page on Shadow and Act here, after which a woman saw it and posted on my Facebook Page and contacted the both of us, stating that she had 24,000 persons, ready and willing to support the effort, as they have been advocating for the return of the show for the last two years!

The next day, the word had spread to EURweb and I suspect we are now viral. It’s so exciting, family! Please join in and help us add some more quality television to the lineup!


Are you a fan? Do you have a favorite episode? What do you like about this show? Tell me why YOU think HBO should bring the show back and/or how it could be made EVEN BETTER!

Update: According to @MissJillScott , HBO will be bringing the show back; and when we looked on their website (thank you @topmom!), the show was listed as being brought back as two feature films. We still have not heard the “official” word from our petition from HBO and we’d all like to receive that concrete information. Still, it looks like the work of of our COLLECTIVE feedback has most certainly worked!

We must celebrate even the small victories!

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17 Responses to Our Petition to Bring Back the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

  1. Barbara Soloski Albin

    I am leaving you my Open Letter to Mr. Harvey Weinstein re: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency the link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/note.php?note_id=213292858696931 I can type out the entire letter if needed.

  2. Loretta

    please do more episodes of this show.. it can be done if you put put your heart into it as we the viewers would love to watch…. please we ask of you to seek out the orginal cast to do more shows or a movie to pick up where things we left off..we are waiting and have been waiting so cut the crap and make this possible!!

  3. Judith Charles

    I want to sign this petition wherever it is. Please let me know where I can go to sign to petition to HBO. Thanks.

  4. accent coach please!!! hahaha!
    on a serious note, great job Dr. G! Off the strength of all the organizing you did around asking for the show back, I am in support of this petition. Good luck

  5. BRING JILL & Mma Precious Ramotswe & friends back to TV!!!

  6. Jessie kilo

    The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is wonderful 6 episodes and 1 movie are just not enough of this wonderful cast and the beautiful Botswana scenery, please make more fabulous episodes, there are so many mor stories to tell, HBO please, please continue the project you began. Thanks

  7. Barbara Soloski Albin

    Two years, working on the return of this series has exposed me to so many people involved with the series, cast, crew, producers, Michael Lombardo of HBO, Adam Rabinowe of HBO and of course journalists and 10,000’s of fans. I have answer each and every posting that has been left on The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency on HBO facebook site. I have suggested sites where fans can leave comments or read articles. Please take the time to read the article from: http:www/chicagonow.com/blogs/matthew-milams-films-music/2011/04/bringing-back-the-no-1-ladies-detective-agency.html He lists all the information about the love for the series and where you can write to bring back more shows. We need your help, we are at 24,595 fans on the HBO site, but looking for more each day. Thanks, Barbara Soloski Albin

  8. Laurie gillespie

    I have read All of the books. And Love. Love love the show. what can we do to get more of this wonderful entertainment. everyone should see these episodes And read the books

  9. Lynn Wolcott

    I love the show and there are so few shows that are not wholesome and children friendly.

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  12. Dluis

    I may be a late bloomer but this show is amazing and has the best cast! The books are far beyond classics and if advertised well this show will be a real hit like it should be! @ sexysilhouette

  13. Mabel Stowers

    PLEASE PLEASE bring them Bacxk — It was a WONDERFUL enjoyable show– I have had enough og BBWLA RHWOA BBW;s they have nothing to offer while this show is One of the FINEST shows depicting the Black/African woman— Come on Jill/ Akoni we need you two BACK !!

  14. bring back dr goddess and khol’s store

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