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Okay, folks!

Here’s Dr. Goddess’ first contest! I thought it would be a makeup contest to celebrate the makeover of my new site but I’m not surprised it has ended up being an intelligent woman giveaway! LOL!!!

Welcome to the SunStar Musical Festival at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater!

Here we go!

Dr. Goddess is giving away tickets to see Rebecca Walker in Pittsburgh, Tonight (Thursday!), 6pm, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, 3 Tix, Deadline: 5pm



Samita Sinha in Pittsburgh, Tonight (Thursday!), 8pm, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater. 3 Tix, Deadline: 6pm




Teens! Dr. Goddess hasn’t forgotten about you! Dr. Goddess has 15 Tickets to Giveaway for you for Friday’s “Sunstars in the Making” Showcase, 3-5pm! The fabulous artists will perform for you and then tell you all about the biz and what it’s like to be an artist! 15 Tix, Deadline: Midnight Tonight!


OMG, OMG, Dr. Goddess, How Do I Get These Tickets??!

So Easy (But you have to do all three)!:

1. “Like” Dr. Goddess on Facebook Here and leave a message: “Hey Dr. Goddess! I want to see Rebecca Walker” or “Hey Dr. Goddess! I want to see Samita Sinra” or “Hey Dr. Goddess! I want to go to Sunstars in the Making” and anything else you think will help win Dr. Goddess over!

2. “Follow” Dr. Goddess on Twitter Here: (@drgoddess) and tweet the following, “I’m intelligent, so I choose to roll with @DrGoddess Check her out: http://drgoddess.com”

3. Join the Mailing List Here

You MUST DO ALL THREE to be eligible!

Let’s get it!

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