Getting Back to Fit and Fabulous

The Immaculate Reception

I’m inconsistent with my workouts; and I’m a late night eater. If I can conquer these two issues, I will rule the world my backyard.

I’m trying to start a running program; but when I was ready to start, we had a snowstorm and, well, I was more dedicated to the warmth in my blankets than the treadmill.

But, but, BUT! I did start my first workout the next week. And I thought I was going to die. Wait, no I didn’t. I actually felt fine. I worked out hard, I sweated, we lifted weights, did squats with jumps and alot of whole body exercising (which is what I prefer).

But the next day? THE NEXT DAY??!!! LAWD!!!! HEP MEH! HEP MEH!

My legs felt like bricks. Brick ovens, to be precise. My arms were tight. My abs were yelping for help and I was moving like I should be living in a nursing home. It hurt to get up. It hurt to sit down. It hurt to swivel. And that went on for the next three days.

I started saying random prayers to everyone’s deity to stop the pain and I, once again, swore up and down that I would be more consistent and stop putting myself through this abusive stop-and-start relationship.

I did a number on my waist this Winter and that was after doing a GREAT number on my waist (in the reverse) up until July 2010 when I went to Vegas. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t work out there but I spent six hours in the pool on the last day of the conference. I didn’t work out when I got back because I was busy working my butt off day in and day out trying to catch up with life and my life online. And then one day led to 30, then 60, then 90. By late December/early January, I found myself praising the Bali’s Shapewear I got from Blogalicious. Lawd…

But that’s not my best me, not my best health and not my best life. Underneath this flab, I’m an athlete—a dancer, to be more precise—and my goal for this year is to get back into my dancing in a way I haven’t been in two years.

2009 was very rough for me and it included three (THREE!!) tearful bouts of back pain that left me prone for weeks at a time, in despair and far less productive. Oh yes, 2009 was the year of #EPICFAIL. Indeed, that’s how I became more active on Twitter (a #WIN I attribute to Ubertwitter —now UberSocial—and the ability to hold my Blackberry) but that’s another story for another day. I swore, then, that I would do better—and I did—but then I stopped.

So, I’m starting again. It hurts but I also love it. Did I mention that I used to be a (fabulous) aerobics instructor? Yeah, the last part of grad school did a number on me. I’ll tell that story later. So, now, I’m focusing on my optimum health (and wealth). I’m scared to fail but I know I have to try anyway, so I ain’t THAT scurred. Hopefully, some folks will help me be more accountable but don’t be hounding me, either. In the meantime, here’s a quick vlog of my second workout and I die laughing every time I hear the difference in the timbre of my voice before I begin and what I look and sound like afterwards.

Laugh (and cry) along with me, won’t you? Now, what about you? How’s your workout going? Are you starting and stopping with me? Did you promise to run with me on Twitter? I want to see your face up in the place. What’s going on in your fitness world?

Speaking of Twitter, I found A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss on Twitter and @Inetespionage has become our collective food and fitness conscience. But hey, she lost so much weight (over 150lbs), she has earned her right to harass us into our best selves. Thank you, Erika! Keep up the great work, Congratulations on the Essence article and I maintain my offer to help raise money for your first great marathon with new digs! Viva! (literally).

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6 Responses to Getting Back to Fit and Fabulous

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  2. Pam

    Your story could be my story. Periods when I’m all up in the gym 2 or 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and then periods of ice cream and tv! So, I’ll hit the gym w/ you tomorrow! Keep us posted. Oh, I’m “running” in a Susan G. Komen 5K in April so I have to get moving…great cause so I’ll do it!

  3. We’re going to keep each other motivated, D-Goddy. Let’s do this!

  4. M. HIcks

    Dr. G,

    Do you use workout or recovery drinks? They could go a LONG way to helping you in your quest through better recovery after workouts…I have an acquaintance or two that specializes in nutritional supplements (no not steroids)…

    I am glad that life is well for you.

    • admin

      Hi, thank you, I do use those drinks but they are the chocolate whey protein variety. The fact of the matter is, I don’t work out enough and I need to pull it together. Like a typical Libra, I go from one extreme (working out ALL the time) to another (never). LOL! I’m gonna do some yin and yang and get it together…

  5. Diva D

    Welllll, the workout you gave us preparing for The Rally for Children Flash Mob Dance would have had me fooled! If you are “out of shape” now, I would hate to see you in shape! You worked us!! Despite this, if/when you decide to create a Dr. Goddess workout tape I would be honored to be a background dancer!! Why not??

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